Electricity transmission licence exemption: Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm Limited

A proposal to provide a time-limited exemption from the requirement to hold a transmission licence.

Applies to England, Scotland and Wales




The Secretary of State has decided that it is appropriate to provide TKOWL with an exemption that will expire on 23 July 2023.

Having considered the responses to this consultation, the Secretary of State has determined that 9 months is the reasonable and proportionate length for the exemption. This will allow sufficient time for the parties to conclude commercial negotiations, including allowing for some additional time in case of complexities around insurance matters arising from a cable fault, and accounting for the delays already experienced due to that cable fault. It strikes the right balance between allowing the necessary additional time for the transfer and the need to maintain sufficient momentum to complete the transaction in a timely fashion.

The Electricity (Individual Exemption from the Requirement for a Transmission Licence) (England) (Triton Knoll) Order 2022 is now available on, along with the Explanatory Memorandum.

Summary of responses

We received two representations in response to this consultation, including one from Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm Limited (‘TKOWL’) itself. This stakeholder is directly affected by the proposed exemption.

The offshore wind farm generator expressed strong support for the proposed exemption expiring in July 2023 (a 9-month exemption). In expressing support for the exemption, TKOWL also set out their view that a 12-month exemption would be more appropriate to mitigate the risk of ongoing uncertainties around potential insurance issues. In addition, TKOWL expressed their willingness to transfer the transmission assets at the earliest opportunity, and stated the exemption would protect the interests of existing and future consumers by encouraging investment in the sector.

We also received a response from Citizens Advice. Citizens Advice supported the proposed exemption and strongly encouraged a timely transfer to ensure the delay is minimised.

In line with our statutory obligations, we consulted Scottish Ministers and Consumer Scotland and received no comments on the proposal.

Original consultation

We’re seeking views on a proposed time-limited exemption from the requirement to hold a transmission licence in respect of the offshore wind farm owned and operated by Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm Limited (TKOWL).(TKOWL).

Closing date:

Please send responses by 18 August 2022

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Published 21 July 2022
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