CW12 1LJ, VolkerStevin Limited: environmental permit application advertisement - EPR/XB3993WG/A001

View the application submitted by VolkerStevin Limited for Congleton WwTW, Barn Road, Conglegton, CW12 1LJ.

Applies to England



The Environment Agency consults the public on certain applications for:

  • waste and mining waste operations
  • installations
  • water discharge and groundwater activities
  • medium combustion plant and specified generators

The arrangements are explained in their Public Participation Statement

These notices explain:

  • what the application is about
  • which Environment Agency office you can visit to see the application documents on the public register
  • when you need to comment by

The Environment Agency will decide:

  • whether to grant or refuse the application
  • what conditions to include in the permit (if granted)
Published 13 May 2022