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New internet phishing alert

New emails and letters appearing to be from employees of the Government Legal Department/Bona Vacantia Division are in circulation

Internet phishing alert

Internet phishing alert

We are currently aware of emails being sent from bogus email addresses purporting to be from members of the Bona Vacantia Division. These emails are not from the address and may ask for confirmation of personal information or provide false links or download attachments.

Do not give out private information (such as bank details or passwords), download attachments or click on any links in emails if you are not sure they are genuine.

We are also aware of emails giving the recipient opportunity to claim ownerless properties and funds through the Bona Vacantia Division. Neither GLD nor BV Division will ever issue emails or letters making such offers. If you receive such correspondence, you should treat it with suspicion.

We would recommend that you do not respond to any such offer and do not click on any links in the email.

Please forward any suspicious emails to Or if you think you have been a victim of online scam or fraud please report to Action Fraud.

Published 8 August 2016
Last updated 13 May 2022 + show all updates
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  3. New internet phishing alert