Buy the British standards that apply to private security

You can buy the British standards at a 30% discount.

You should read the British standards if:

  • you want to be an SIA approved contractor (following the British standards is a condition of approval)
  • you own or manage a private security company and you want to make sure that your company follows industry best practice
  • you work in the private security industry and you want a better understanding of the standards that you should be working to

The standards that relate to the private security industry are:

  • BS 10800: Provision of Security Services.
  • BS 7858: Screening of individuals working in a secure environment
  • BS 7958: Closed circuit television (CCTV) - managementManagement and operation
  • BS 7499: StaticProvision siteof static guarding andsecurity mobileservices
  • BS patrol7960: serviceDoor supervision
  • BS 7872: Manned securitySecurity servicesServices - Cash and valuables in transit services (collection and delivery)
  • BS 7960:7984-1: DoorKeyholding Supervisionand response services - General recommendations for keyholding and response services
  • BS 7984:7984-2: KeyKeyholding holdingand response services - Lone worker response services
  • BS 7984-3 Keyholding and response services. Provision of mobile security services
  • BS 8507-1: Code of practice for close protection services - Servicesservices within the UKUnited Kingdom
  • BS 7858:8507-2: ScreeningCode of individualspractice workingfor inclose aprotection secureservices environment- services outside the United Kingdom
  • BS 8517-1: Security Dogs - The use of general-purpose security dogs
  • BS 8584: Vacant property protection services
  • BS 8593: Code of practice for the deployment and use of Body Worn Video (BWV)

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has agreed to supply these standards at 30% below the catalogue price. You must order the standards using this BSI order form (ODT, 40.941.4 KB) to qualify for the discount.

The BSI will send your order direct to your business address. You do not need to pay VAT, and postage and packing is included. If you have any questions about your order, please contact the BSI using the contact details on the order form.

We have agreed this discount with the BSI to help reduce the costs of regulation. We do not profit financially from any order you place for British standards.

Other standards you may find useful

The BSI may also supply other standards at a 30% discount, at their discretion.

YouIf mayyou want to buybe otheran standards,approved includingcontractor, theyou codesmay ofwant practiceto buy other standards that relate to thebusiness useimprovement. ofSome securityexamples dogsare:

  • BS (BS817-1ISO and10002:2018 BS8517-2)Customer andsatisfaction the- internationalGuidelines standard for complaints handling (BSin organizations
  • BS EN ISO 10002:200422301:2019 QualitySecurity management).

    and resilience - Business continuity management systems
  • BS EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems - requirements with guidance for use
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