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UK promotes capacity building on the rights of transgender people in Guatemala

The British Embassy supported NGO Visibles in the training of transgender people and justice sector representatives on the rights of vulnerable minorities.

HMA visits VISIBLES ngo

The project allowed to increase the capacities of transgender people to defend themselves against any possible violation of their rights or discriminatory action based on their gender identity. In addition, the project included awareness and training sessions for public servants.

The sessions and capacity building included 29 trans women, 14 trans men, 6 indigenous trans women. Materials and awareness sessions on the rights of transgender people were addressed to 25 public servants from the Public Criminal Defence Institute.

Moreover, legal experts worked on the construction of a comprehensive litigation strategy and a plan to achieve the right to gender identity in Guatemala. A strategy that includes aspects related to plans for investigation and evidence gathering, media and outreach, and financial management.

The project allowed the development of two tools for the empowerment of transgender people. First, a Popular Legal and Justice Education Programme to provide a general methodology and essential knowledge about human rights and the Guatemalan judicial system. Second, a training manual to help trans leaders and organisations perform better when interacting with local and international media.

During his visit to Visibles, the British Ambassador to Guatemala Nick Whittingham highlighted the importance of continuing to work with LGBT+ organizations to create conditions for greater freedoms so that all LGBT+ people, and especially trans people, can live freely and play an active role in society without fear of violence or discrimination.

Published 22 June 2022