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Human Rights Act Reform: A Modern Bill of Rights

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This is the post-consultation report for the consultation paper, Human Rights Act Reform: A Modern Bill Of Rights.

It will cover:

  • An executive summary, covering the background to the report
  • a summary of the responses to the report
  • a detailed response to the specific questions raised in the report
  • the next steps following this consultation.

Original consultation


A consultation on proposals to reform the Human Rights Act 1998.

This consultation closesran atfrom

Consultation description

The Government has now issued an Easy Read version and an audio version of the consultation.

We will be allowing for extensions until 19 April only for those who requirewould anbe assisted by an Easy Read or audio version in order to respond. This includes organisations who solely or greatly represent the interests of those who would requirebe assisted by an audio or Easy Read version in order to respond. Please contact in order to request an extension. The consultation will close on 8 March for all other respondents.

You may also find accessible information on the consultation designed by civil society elsewhere, including that provided by the British Institute of Human Rights.

The government is committed to updating the Human Rights Act 1998. This consultation seeks views on the government’s proposals to revise the Human Rights Act and replace it with a Bill of Rights, in order to restore a proper balance between the rights of individuals, personal responsibility and the wider public interest.

Chapters 1 and 2 provide a background of the domestic and international human rights context. Chapter 3 explores issues that have emerged with how the Human Rights Act 1998 operates in practice and outlines the case for reform. Chapter 4 sets out the government’s proposed reforms and their rationale in detail.

Each proposal is accompanied by specific consultation questions. We welcome responses on those questions. Submissions which do not focus on the questions but deal with the subject of the Human Rights Act more generally are also welcome.

To help us take full account of all potential impacts, including equality impacts, we shall complete a full Impact Assessment as necessary, once we have considered the responses to the consultation. We welcome responses from consultees on these proposals with regard to the potential impacts.

You will find the consultation document, along with a Welsh summary and full Welsh version below.



Ways to respond

Published 14 December 2021
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