Ad-hoc statistical publications list

A list of additional DCMS statistical analyses (ad-hoc analyses) not included in our standard publications.

This page lists links to adad-hoc hoc DCMS statistical analyses that have not been included in our standard publications. If you would like further information on any of these releases then please contact


Published 18 October 2013
Last updated 1023 SeptemberJune 20212022 + show all updates
    1. Added a new dataset - Civil Society estimates of employment, broken down by Local Authority, for the period 2018-21. Also added a link to the 2022-23 quarter 1 ad hocs page to the collection.

    2. Added 2020/21 Q2 page

    3. Added new link for the latest quarter (2020/21 Quarter 3)

    4. Published new analysis of number of businesses and gross value added by businesses in DCMS sectors, split by turnover, 2018

    5. Added two new ad hocs in 2020/21 Q1 - one covering experimental estimates of quarterly GVA, the other on business turnover by size

    6. Published supplementary tables covering imports and exports of services in the audio-visual sector in 2018 for the UK

    7. We have added an ad hoc for quarter 1 of 2019/20 based on data from the Taking Part survey

    8. We have published two new ad-hocs based on Taking Part survey data.

    9. New ad-hoc statistics for 2017/18 Quarter 3

    10. Updated to include new ad-hoc statistical release.

    11. First published.