Choosing a phonics teaching programme

Sets out what the government is doing to help schools choose a phonics teaching programme.

Applies to England



These documents cover the:

  • new validation process for systematic synthetic phonics teaching programmes
  • updated list of approved phonics teaching programmes
  • package of support available for schools
  • processes we used between 2011 and 2014 to review effective phonics teaching programmes
Published 1 April 2021
Last updated 2823 AprilJune 2022 + show all updates
  1. Updated 'Choosing a phonics teaching programme': added 8 programmes and one temporary-validated programme has become validated. Updated 'Contact details for the validated systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programmes'.

  2. This April 2022 update is not an update to the list of validated programmes; this is due to take place be in late Spring. This is an update to reflect that the third panel deadline has now passed.

  3. Updated the list of validated systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programmes in 'Choosing a phonics teaching programme' and added updated contacts in 'Contact list for the validated systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programmes'.

  4. Updated footnote 1 and added information about the January 2022 validation process update in the 'Choosing a phonics teaching programme' guidance. Updated contact details in the 'Contact details for the validated systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programmes' document.

  5. Updated contact details for Anima Phonics Letters and Sounds Updated, Twinkl Phonics and Unlocking Letters and Sounds.

  6. Updated the validated list of SSP programmes to include programmes validated in the December 2021 validation round.

  7. Extended the third deadline for submitting SSP teaching programmes for validation. Also updated the Information for schools section with details on what's important when choosing an SSP programme, and the section on Support for schools to clarify the additional funding package and eligibility.

  8. We have updated the information about the additional funding and added contact details for the validated SPP programmes.

  9. We have updated the guidance on choosing a phonics teaching programme and added the new list of validated systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programmes.

  10. First published.