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​This is a guide for Ukrainianspeople arrivingfrom Ukraine living in the UK. It also includes specific information for those arriving on the Homes for Ukraine scheme.



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This page is also available in Українська and Русский язык.

This guide for Ukrainianspeople arrivingfrom Ukraine living in the UK covers what you need to know in your first few days, getting used to life in the UK including how to find a home, access essential public services, healthcare, find work and childcare and education services. It also explains your options when you have lived with your host for 6 months.

Published 29 March 2022
Last updated 125 JulyAugust 2022 + show all updates
  1. Added: Homes for Ukraine: your living arrangements 4 to 6 months after moving to the UK and minor changes to guidance to reflect changes to the Homes for Ukraine scheme for children travelling without a parent or legal guardian.

  2. Welcome guide and Week one guidance updated to reflect a pause on new applicants to Scotland’s Devolved Government Sponsorship Scheme.

  3. Updated to provide further information on sponsorship in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Updated to indicate that further guidance on how the scheme will allow access for children who are not travelling with or to join a parent, will be published in due course.

  4. Updated Ukrainian and Russian translations of Week one guidance for Ukrainians arriving in the UK.

  5. Updated to include information on safeguarding and what to do in the case of sponsorship breakdown, alongside further clarification on education, access to benefits and job centres, child benefit and paying tax.

  6. Updated sections: 'On arrival in the UK', 'Opening a bank account', 'Applying for Universal Credit', 'Finding a job and paying tax'. Added week one guidance for Ukrainians arriving in the UK.

  7. Added translation

  8. Added Ukrainian and Russian translations.

  9. First published.