Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre Writers' Handbook

The Writers' Handbook helps writers understand how to use effective writing in their work.



Communicating effectively is an important tool we all need to use. It may be through a presentation, an email or a publication. Whatever form it takes, it is communicating our work.

It is therefore important that we have a style and brand that is recognised and consistently used across all our work. This handbook has been written to try and help build and maintain consistency in the work we do.

Being able to communicate effectively is not just important for our national work, but also the work we do with international partners.

We have declared that we will ‘put NATO at the heart of defence’ and so it is vital that we deliver outputs that are accessible to and, therefore, understood by the whole audience. A foundation block of interoperability is using the same, agreed terminology and this handbook gives an overview of working with terminology.

The Writers’ Handbook is mainly written for those producing DCDC products. However, other writers may also find some of the information useful.

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