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AAIB Report: Britten Norman 2B-26 (J8-VBI), aircraft departed runway on landing

On landing at John A. Osborne Airport in Monserrat, a Britten Norman 2B-26 (J8-VBI) veered off the right side of the runway, 29 September 2021.

Figure 2: Collapsed left main landing gear blocking left cabin door

On landing, the pilot was unable to maintain directional control and reported the left brake was ‘spongy’. The aircraft veered off the right side of the runway and impacted the bank of an adjacent drainage ditch. One passenger suffered minor injuries as a result.

An inspection of the braking system revealed a slight brake fluid leak from one of the pistons in the left outboard brake calliper. This would have prevented full brake pressure being achieved on the left brakes, resulting in an asymmetric braking effect. Also, difficulty in maintaining directional control was caused by use of the incorrect braking technique on landing.

The investigation identified shortcomings with the operator’s manual and procedures, and with regulatory oversight. As a result, one Safety Recommendation was addressed to the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority to ensure that the operations manual complies with the regulations.

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Published 22 September 2022