FE capital funding

An overview of capital funding for postpost-16 16 education providers, the type of funding available, what it can be used for and when to apply.

Applies to England


We allocate funding to:

  • upgrade college estates whichthat are in unsatisfactory condition
  • get specialist equipment
  • improve training facilities
  • create extra capacity to accommodate increases in 1616- to 1818-year-old year old learners

Condition Improvement Fund

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) is an annual bidding round for eligible academies, sixth-form colleges and voluntaryvoluntary-aided aided (VA) schools to apply for capital funding.

The priority for the fund is to address significant condition needs, keeping education provider buildings safe and in good working order. This includes funding projects to address:

  • health and safety issues
  • building compliance
  • poor building conditions

The CIF also supports a small proportion of expansion projects. These are for academies, sixth-form colleges and VA schools rated good or outstanding by Ofsted that can demonstrate a need to expand.

Eligibility is confirmed each year when the new application round opens.

What funding is available

Budgets are confirmed on an annual basis.

The most recent funding round, CIF 2022 to 2023, provided funding of £498 million for 1,405 projects at 1,129 academies, sixth-form colleges and VA schools.

When to apply

The ConditionCIF Improvement Fund is currently closed for applications. We aim to launch the next bidding round in autumn 2022, subject to budget approval.

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PreviousPreviously funded projects

A list of projects funded in CIF 2022 to 2023 is available.

FE capital transformation programme

The further education (FE) capital transformation programme seeks to upgrade the FE college estate.

What funding is available

The FE capital transformation fund is providing £1.5 billion to colleges over 6 years ending in March 2026. To date, we have:

  • provided a formulaic allocation of £200 million in autumn 2020 to support colleges to carry out immediate remedial projects
  • identified 16 colleges with some of the worstworst-condition condition sites in the countrycountry, where we are working in partnership with the colleges to deliver their capital projects
  • announced 62 colleges, and 78 projects, that were successful in the bidding process whichand will receive funding of up to £405 million
  • announced a further 2 condition improvement projects where colleges are involved with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) specialist restructuring

When to apply

The FE capital transformation fund is currently closed for applications.

The next stage of the programme will be announced in the autumn.

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Previous allocations

A list of successful applications at stage 2 of bidding for the further education capital transformation fund is available.

PostPost-16 16 capacity fund

The post-16 capacity fund supports postpost-16 16 education providers to accommodate demographic increases in learners aged 16 to 18-year-old learners.19.

InThe 2021,fund itis wasopen availableto to:the following providers:

  • general FE colleges
  • sixth-form andcolleges
  • local-authority-maintained designatedschools institutionswith sixth forms
  • sixth-formspecialist-designated collegesinstitutions
  • academies, including:
    • 16 to 19 academies and free schools
    • academies and free schools with sixth forms
    • university technical colleges (UTCs)
    • studio schools providing technical education
    • maths schools

What funding is available

£140Qualifying millionpost-16 willproviders becan availablebid tofor bea allocatedshare inof the£140 nextmillion biddingto rounddeliver for projects deliveringcreating extraadditional capacity from September 2024. We hope to be able to launch this in the autumn.

When to apply

The post-16 capacity fund iswill currentlybe closed for applications.applications Weon aim11 toNovember launch2022. It launched on 7 September 2022. We will announce the nextoutcome biddingof roundapplications in autumnspring 2022.2023.

Previous allocations

A list of providers whichthat made successful bids for post-16 capacity funding is available.

T Levels capital fund

The T Levels capital fund is available to support providers with a 16 to 19 funding contract delivering T Levels courses,courses with industry placements,placements from September 2023.

What funding is available

Wave 5 of the T Levels capital fund is expected to be launched in autumn 2022.

Wave 4 of the T Levels capital fund is now closed for applications,applications. weWe expect to announce successful applicants in July. This wave is worth over £150 million and is formed of 2 parts:

  • thea building and facilities improvement grantgrant, which providers need to bid for
  • thea specialist equipment allocationallocation, is awarded to providers using a formula allocation

The specialist equipment allocation is usually paid early in the calendar year thatin which providers first deliver T LevelsLevels, to allow them time to procure equipment.

When to apply

The T Levels capital fund is currently closed for applications,applications. weWe expect wave 5 to open for applications in autumn 2022.

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Previous allocations

A list of the successful applications for T Levels capital fund wave 3 is available.

Higher technical education skills injection fund

The skills injection fund was previously known as the higher technical education growth fund.

The fund will support providers to growdevelop high-quality provision at levellevels 4 and 55, including higher technical qualifications.

What funding is available

The skills injection fund will provide additional funding for colleges and universities to invest in equipment and facilities that will support technical studies in key areas such as digital, construction and health

Up to £32 million of additional funding will be available through the skills injection fund for eligible providers.

When to apply

Further information towill follow.

Strategic Developmentdevelopment Fundfund

The Strategic Developmentdevelopment Fundfund provides capital and programme funding to support changes in local teaching and training facilities and provision.

It supports FE colleges across an area to upgrade their facilities, equipment and curriculum to better meet the needs of their local economy in preparation for the rollrollout out of the local skills improvement plans.

What funding is available

The fund consists of £92 million (£50 million capital funding and £42 million programme).programme funding).

Each area may apply for up to £1.25£1.5 million ofcapital programmefunding and £1.5£1.25 million capitalof programme funding.

When to apply

The Strategicstrategic Developmentdevelopment Fundfund is currently closed for applications.

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Previous allocations

A list of the successful applicants appointed to pilot the Strategicstrategic Developmentdevelopment Fundfund and local skills improvement plans in 2021 to 2022 is available.

Institutes of Technology

Capital investment is to fund newnew-builds, builds, refurbishments and specialist equipment. Institutes of Technology are collaborations between FE colleges, universities and employers, to offer higher technical education and training at higher skills levels in key STEMscience, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) sectors such as digital, construction, advanced manufacturing and engineering, where employer demand is greatest.

What funding is available

The government is investing up to £290 million to provide the capital investment required to establish a comprehensive network of Institutes of Technology across England. The funding window is now closed.

Previous allocations

A list of the Institutes of Technology in operation and those currently in development is available.

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