Procurement at FCDO

Details of our purchasing arrangements and information for those looking to become a Supply Partner.

Ongoing FCO and DFID procurement

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) unites development and diplomacy in a single department that brings together the UK’s international effort.

The FCDO is continuing to align commercial processes and procedures following the merger of the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

From 27 June 2022 there is one Supply Partner Portal for the FCDO. Read the section How to become a Supply Partner for more information.

Existing contracts and agreements

For now, all existing contracts made under UK law with DFID or FCO remain valid. There is no need to novate or amend those contracts and the contractual terms remain unaltered. Existing grant funding agreements remain valid and will continue without amendment. If there is an agreement under foreign law which may require revision, we will deal with this on a case-by-case basis following local (foreign) law.

Supply partners with funding agreements in the name of DFID or FCO should ensure that their accounts payable function recognises payments from the FCDO.

Current tenders

From 27 June 2022 there will be one Supply Partner Portal. Read the section How to become a Supply Partner for more information.

For any questions on current tenders, refer to the tender documentation and send any questions to the relevant contract officer via the supplier portal.

Commercial strategy

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) buys a wide range of goods, services and works. These range from construction and maintenance of embassies to technical assistance and goods across a range of sectors.

The FCDO Commercial Directorate’s vision is to provide commercial expertise which:

  • delivers timely goods and services
  • maximises value for money and impact
  • is fully aligned to FCDO and UK Government priorities
  • drives commercial reform across FCDO and the UK government

We tender contracts in accordance with UK procurement legislation, which ensures open and fair competition between bidders. This means our contracts are competitively tendered following a set of standard processes.

The commercial function is measured against the Government Commercial Operating Standards which assesses all government departments against a common set of standards and indicators.

How to become a Supply Partner

Supply Partner portal

Former FCO and former DFID used different e-sourcing portals. FCDO Commercial have now aligned this element of our procurement process.

From 27 June 2022 all new procurements and existing contract amendments will now be through the Jaggaer portal used by former FCO.

No further opportunities will be published on the former DFID portal. Only tenders concluding before 27 June 2022 remain on the former DFID portal.

All former DFID suppliers details have been migrated to the Jaggaer portal and live contracts on the former DFID portal have been transferred.

Register at the Jaggaer portal.

Read the full user guidance for the portal: Jaggaer Supplier Guide (PDF, 2.46 MB, 21 pages)

Funding awards and opportunities

To reduce duplication, we work with other UK government departments where appropriate, for example Department for International Trade (DIT) through its Aid Funded Business service. DIT also list opportunities every month in more than 40 sectors worldwide. Register for updates for export opportunities.

SME action plan

Our FCDO small to medium sized enterprise (SME) action plan sets out our commitment to working with small businesses and continuously improving the opportunities available to SMEs. We want to lead within government and ensure best practice in our work with SMEs.


Framework agreement Start date Expiry date Number of suppliers Comments
Global Evaluation Framework (GEFA) 12 Sept 2016 31 AugDec 2022 18 suppliers Framework available to other government departments
Expert Advisory Call Down Service (EACDS) 1 Sept 2016 1528 OctFeb 20222023 3 lead suppliers Framework available to other government departments
International Multi Disciplinary Programme (IMDP) 1 May 2019 30 April 2023 22 lots, up to 15 suppliers per lot Framework available to other government departments
Generalist Economic Development (GEDF) 1 Feb 2019 17 Feb 2023 13 suppliers Framework available to other government departments
Conflict, Stability & Security Fund (CSSF) Jan 2018 31 Dec 2022 103 suppliers Framework available to other government departments
Global Travel 7 Aug 2020 6 Aug 2025 1 supplier  
Moving personal effects 1 Sept 2016 31 Aug 2021 1 supplier  

Jaggaer Supplier Guide (PDF, 2.46 MB, 21 pages)

International Construction Services (DPS)

To meet the FCDO’s commitment to apply safe standards to all properties and works undertaken, there is a requirement for suitably qualified general building contractors to carry out various works and services in residential, office and compound properties and where required new build projects for the FCDO, or non UK government, overseas estates.

This DPS allows you to register with Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) to provide construction works and associated services that could be located anywhere in the world with exception of the United Kingdom.

To join this DPS, or access more information you have to register first in Bravo solutions.

Once registered you can find the procurement documents using the search facility and inputting the project number 4794 which will take you to project_4794 - International Construction Services DPS: Ongoing Application.

How we pay supply partners

All central government departments are required to pay 90% of undisputed invoices within 5 days. You need to comply with prompt payment procedures to achieve this. This includes Procurement Policy Note 07/20 which sets out how payment approaches can be taken into account in the procurement of major government contracts.

Supply Partners must send invoices in as per the terms and conditions in their contract or Purchase Order.

For former DFID contracts - send any queries to and enquiries to As part of our Purchase to Pay Policy all invoices must contain a valid Purchase Order and should be sent directly to Accounts Payable via our e-invoicing initiative. See Supply Partner Handbook (PDF, 569 KB, 30 pages) for more information and criteria.

For former FCO contracts, email invoices to and enquires to: As part of our Purchase to Pay Policy all invoices must contain a valid Purchase Order and should be submitted electronically on a PDF document.

Specifically: These Supply Partner Compliance Guidance (PDF, 1.35 MB, 17 pages) accompany purchase orders issued for the former FCO.

Supply Partner Compliance

FCDO Terms and Conditions of Contract

Prior to tendering for a FCDO Contract, tendering organisations should ensure that they are able to fully comply with FCDO’s Terms and Conditions which are available on our supplier portal. If you are unable to comply with any of the terms, you should raise a clarification question during the tender process. Failure to accept our terms during the tender may invalidate your bid.

Supply Partner Compliance for former DFID contracts and those contracts awarded via former DFID processes

Supply Partners should refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 414 KB, 33 pages), our FCDO Current Frameworks (MS Powerpoint Presentation, 95.4 KB) and List of current Construction DPS suppliers (PDF, 402 KB, 1 page), designed to guide all Supply Partner(s) through the steps required to respond efficiently and consistently to the Code of Conduct and to upload the required documentation.

Supply Partners may also find it helpful to refer to our List of current Construction DPS suppliers (ODT, 7.21 KB) document where we have set out common Code compliance queries and responses from the Supply Chain Ethics and Governance team.

If you have any further questions on our Supply Partner guidance or any of the supporting documentation, contact

Supporting government policy

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

We use the European Union definition of an SME.

We support the government’s SME target of 33% of spend with third-party suppliers to SMEs by 2020 through:

  • regularly reviewing our procurement plans to ensure that they do not prohibit SME involvement
  • researching the market and developing appropriate market engagement strategies to encourage competition and attract a diverse range of innovative suppliers
  • tracking the amount of expenditure awarded to SMEs
  • advertising our contracts and requiring FCDO Prime Contractors to advertise their sub-contract opportunities in ContractsFinder.

You can find out more in Doing business with government: a guide for SMEs. For further information SMEs can contact our SME Engagement team at


We practise sustainable procurement to achieve value for money while minimising environmental damage and waste.

Integrity in business

UK companies that do business with integrity are better positioned to reduce risks and capitalise on commercial opportunities. This means complying with the UK Bribery Act and ensuring local partners, agents and distributors adhere to the same high standards. It also means being vigilant for modern slavery and other human rights abuses, both in operations and supply chains, in line with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Companies that make integrity core to their business protect and strengthen brand reputation, enjoy greater and more sustainable commercial success over the long-term, and minimise the risk of prosecution.

Tackling bribery and corruption creates more prosperous and healthy communities and a better business environment. It also enables the UK to maintain its status as a global leader in the fight against corruption.

FCDO staff engaged in procurement have a duty to act in a professional and impartial manner and to be mindful of the Bribery Act 2010. We expect our suppliers to act in accordance with the Act.

The Ministry of Justice has published extensive guidance on the Bribery Act. Transparency International has also published guidance for business on how to resist demands for bribes.


We publish details of both contract opportunities and awards in ContractsFinder as well as details of government Procurement Card expenditure on GOV.UK.

Contact us

SMEs can contact our SME Engagement team by email at

For specific questions to the FCDO commercial team about any aspect of our procurement processes, email us at