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British Embassy in Argentina announces finalists of Falkland Islands Regional Student Competition 2022/2023

The Falklands Regional Student Competition offers a one-week trip for students in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay to visit the Falkland Islands.

The British Embassy in Argentina announces the 10 finalists from Argentina to the Regional Student Competition 2022/2023. The applicants answered the question “Why would I like to meet my neighbours in the Falkland Islands?” in a video.

The best 10 videos can be watched here:

Falklands Regional Student Competition 2022/2023 - YouTube

The winners of the competition will be announced shortly.

This regional competition, organised by the Falkland Islands Government and the British Embassies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay offers winners (one from each country) the chance to visit the Falklands for a week with all the costs covered. Winners will be staying with a local family, to experience first-hand the life in the Falkland Islands.

The contest is meant to promote the cultural exchange between the Falklands and the region, and to spread the knowledge about the Falkland Island and its people. This is the third time that this competition has been held in Argentina.

List of 10 finalists:

  • Luis Román Lier Faure
  • María Agustina Correa
  • Braian Espinoza Zalazar
  • Valentino Presutti
  • Guido Sancinetti
  • Pilar Barrera Oltra
  • Lucca Alessandro Scaravilli
  • Santino Facal
  • Antonella Gris
  • Emiliano Nahuel Lerza

In order to enter the competition, these participants presented student certificates issued by the following universities: Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Santa Fe), Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (Tucumán), Universidad de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires city), Universidad Católica Argentina (Buenos Aires city), Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Mendoza), Universidad Nacional de Moreno (Buenos Aires province), Instituto Superior Lenguas Vivas (Misiones), Universidad de Congreso (Mendoza) and Universidad del CEMA (Buenos Aires city).

Published 22 September 2022