Road accident and safety statistics: factsheets

Road safety factsheets relating to specific road user groups and any one-off or ad-hoc statistics

This page is updated as new factsheets are available. We welcome suggestions for topics of interest by email to road safety statistics team.

Factsheets based on recent data

Collision factors, risk and outcomes

Deprivation and road casualties: 2021 data

Road user risk: 2021 data

Injury severity and type of injury within injury-based reporting systems: data for 2019 to 2021

Vulnerable road users

e-scooters: 2021latest finalprovisional data for year ending June 2022 and previouslatest final data for 2021. An older 2020 version is also available

Pedal cyclists: 2021 data and previous 2020 version

Motorcyclists: 2021 data and previous 2020 version

Pedestrians: 2021 data


Older and younger drivers: 20202021 data

Other factsheets based on older data

A number of previous road safety factsheets remain available, though do not include the most recent data

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