Rentcharges (PG56)

AdviceGuidance on thea amendmentvariety of thepoints registerwhich followingcommonly anarise orderin ofrentcharge apportionmentapplications, orincluding aformal certificateapportionment ofand redemption (practice guide 56).

Applies to England and Wales



ThisGuidance guideon gives advice about the amendment of the register following an order of apportionment or a certificatevariety of redemptionpoints givenwhich bycommonly aarise Secretaryin ofrentcharge Stateapplications, orincluding theformal Welshapportionment Parliament,and orredemption. otherThis governmentguide department where it affects a registered estate. It is aimed at conveyancers and members of the public and you should interpret references to ‘you’ accordingly. HM Land Registry staff will also refer to it.

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Published 13 October 2002
Last updated 1412 MarchDecember 2022 + show all updates
  1. Section 5 has been amended to clarify that where a rentcharge has been created in a transfer and a deed of variation is expressed to vary the transfer, all parties to the transfer should join in the deed of variation.

  2. This guide has been expanded and renamed. In addition to formal apportionment and redemption it now includes guidance on a variety of points which commonly arise in rentcharge applications.

  3. The guide has been amended as a result of the Senedd and Elections (Wales) Act 2020 by which the National Assembly for Wales became the Welsh Parliament, commonly known as the Senedd.

  4. Link to the advice we offer added.

  5. Section 2.1 has been amended as a result of a change of address of our Citizen Centre

  6. Welsh translation added.

  7. First published.