Academies land and buildings collection tool

Guide to help academy trusts and diocesan users submit their land and buildings collection tool to the ESFA.

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Land and buildings collection tool (LBCT) 2022

The land and buildings collection tool (LBCT) willis now goavailable livefor onall 17academy Januarytrusts 2023in withscope ato complete their return. The submission deadline of 21 February 2023.

LBCT Login

Academy land and buildings collection tool workbook

You can use the workbook to help prepare for the return. It will show you all of the data fields in the LBCT form, including the new ‘non-land and building’ leases section and additional questions for some occupancies. These are clearly marked in the excel workbook. You can tailor the excel workbook to suit your circumstances by deleting sections that aren’t relevant.

Please note that we will not accept the workbook as a submission, we will only accept returns made via the online form.

How to contact us if you have queries

MsSector Teamdial-in callsfor trusts

WeDuring willthe beperiod hostingthat athe seriesLBCT ofreturn weeklyis MSlive, Teamswe’ll callscontinue with the sector to answersupport anyyou ofvia yourMS questionsTeams aboutcalls the LBCT return.below.

You can join on your computer or mobile app via this link or you can call via 020 3321 5238 and when prompted, enter ID 809858 373249 841#.56#.

Date Time
19/01/2023 10:30 - 11:00
24/01/2023 10:30 - 11:00
26/01/2023 10:30 - 11:00
31/01/2023 10:30 - 11:00
02/02/2023 10:30 - 11:00
07/02/2023 10:30 - 11:00
09/02/2023 10:30 - 11:00
14/02/2023 10:30 - 11:00
16/02/2023 10:30 - 11:00

If you have any questions about the LBCT return, you can contact us using our enquiry form. Please select ‘Academies financial returns’ and quote “LBCT” and your Trust UPIN.

Published 10 July 2017
Last updated 2717 OctoberJanuary 20222023 + show all updates
  1. The LBCT form is now live - please log in and complete your return by the deadline, 21 February 2023.

  2. We have updated the "how to contact us" section on land page and added some extra information on the main guidance.

  3. We have updated the Land and building go live date, it is 17th January 2023.

  4. We have updated the information on this page for the LBCT 2022 and the guidance documents.

  5. We have updated this page to confirm the schedule for this year's LBCT return. The online form will go live on 4 October 2022. The deadline for submission is 8 November 2022.

  6. The LBCT deadline has now passed - please complete your return as soon as possible if you've not done so yet.

  7. The LBCT form is now live - please log in and complete your return by the deadline, 9 November 2021.

  8. The land and buildings collection tool guidance documents have been updated for the 2021 collection. This includes the main guidance document, the Excel workbook, the diocese guidance as well as a new data adjustments guidance document.

  9. We have published the key dates for the land and buildings collection tool (LBCT). The online form will be available from 5 October 2021 and the deadline is 9 November 2021.

  10. The LBCT deadline has now passed - for those who've not submitted your return yet please log in as soon as possible to complete it.

  11. The LBCT financial return is now open - please complete your return by the deadline: 28 January 2021.

  12. Please note the go-live date of the LBCT is now 15 December 2020 and has a deadline of 28 January 2021. The guidance has also been updated to reflect the new form functionality as well.

  13. We have updated the page to change the deadline for submitting the land and buildings collection to 17 December 2020. The form will go live on 12 November 2020.

  14. The deadline for the LBCT passed on 4 November 2019. If you haven't submitted your return please do so as soon as possible.

  15. We have added further guidance on the submission of the form to the DFE.

  16. Please note: the online form will be unavailable on 8 October between 6pm and 9pm for scheduled maintenance.

  17. The land and buildings collection tool is now open, please submit your return by the deadline 4 November 2019.

  18. We have added new LBCT tutorial videos to our HTML guidance to help users complete the form. The go-live for the LBCT is 1 October and the deadline is 4 November.

  19. We have updated the academies land and buildings collection tool (LBCT) guidance page to include new versions of the guidance document and Excel workbook. The page also includes information about how to contacts us after the online form goes live on Tuesday 1 October 2019. The deadline for the LBCT return is Monday 4 November 2019.

  20. Updated the webpage to reflect that the LBCT return deadline has passed and to update the 'how to contact us' with the academy questions details.

  21. Page updated to reinstate the link to the online form for the land and buildings collection tool (LBCT).

  22. Please note: The online form for the academies land and buildings collection tool (LBCT) is currently unavailable due to technical issues. We expect to restore the system by 10am on 31 October 2018.

  23. Due to essential maintenance, the LBCT online form will be unavailable this weekend from 7am on Saturday 20 October to 8am on Monday 22 October. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  24. We have added the webinar recording and updated the guidance document

  25. We have added tutorial videos for how to add an occupation and asset to your LBCT return.

  26. Updated with a link to the land and building collection tool (LBCT) online form which is now live for academy trusts to use to complete and submit their LBCT return by 5 November 2018. Please sign-up for our [LBCT webinar]( on 10 October 2018 where you'll get further guidance about the LBCT.

  27. We have add extra details to the LBCT guidance documents and included details of the LBCT webinar on 10 October 2018. The form will go live 1 October 2018 and needs to be completed and submitted to the DfE by the 5 Novemeber 2018.

  28. We've updated the LBCT guidance to include a diocesan user guidance document, this will provide further information for academies with church owned land and for diocesan users.

  29. Summary guidance for academy trusts about the land and buildings collection tool. The return will open 1 October 2018 and has a deadline to be submitted to the ESFA by 5 November 2018

  30. Updated the LBCT page to add an introductory guidance video

  31. We've updated this page to include the most recent LBCT webinar which took place on 19 October.

  32. Updated with information for academy trusts with church schools occupying church-owned land.

  33. Updated with revised guidance for completing the land and buildings collection tool

  34. Updated attachments to change the terminology for a 'right of use' occupation to 'customary occupation' and 'leasehold improvement' to 'alteration of non-freehold land/building' to match the language in the online form.

  35. First published.