Using unbound incinerator bottom ash aggregate (IBAA) in construction activities: RPS 247

WhenEnvironment Agency enforcement position on when you can use unbound municipal IBAA in construction activities without an environmental permit.

Applies to England



IfThis you comply with the conditions in this regulatory position statement (RPS),) youdoes will not normallychange needyour tolegal applyrequirement forto get an environmental permit tofor usewaste unboundand groundwater activities when you use IBAA in:

  • building a road sub-base
  • building a construction or structural platform
  • pipe bedding

However, the Environment Agency will not normally take enforcement action when you do this without a permit if you comply with the requirements in this RPS.

This enforcement position does not apply to any other legal requirements.

Published 29 January 2021
Last updated 1124 AprilJanuary 20222023 + show all updates
  1. We have extended the expiry date of this RPS to 31 January 2025.

  2. Added section 'Definitions of main terms' used in RPS 247.

  3. First published.