CDS Declaration Completion Instructions for Final Supplementary Declarations

This Data Element Completion Guide relates to Customs Declaration Service (CDS) Final Supplementary Declarations (FSD) only.



This guide does not cover completion instructions for:

  • written import customs declarations
  • written export customs declarations
  • Bulk Import Reduced Data Set (BIRDS) declarations
  • Customs Clearance Requests (CCR) for import or export purposes

For data element completion guidance for written import and export customs declarations, BIRDS, import or export CCRs, please refer to the appropriate Declaration or Customs Clearance Request completion instructions.

Published 8 July 2022
Last updated 2124 DecemberJanuary 20222023 + show all updates
  1. The definition of ‘Customs Union’ is added in Data Element (DE) 1/1 Notes.

  2. Clarification has been added to confirm that the Previous Document Code FSD must be declared in DE 2/1 at header level.

  3. Field format requirements have been changed at DE 5/23.

  4. Details about how to complete the acceptance date have been added to the CDS Declaration Completion Instructions for Final Supplementary Declarations.

  5. First published.