Natural mineral waters: lists of recognised products

Lists of all natural mineral waters recognised in the UK, and English, Scottish and Welsh waters recognised by the EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (EEA).



These lists of recognised natural mineral waters are for local authorities, importers and retailers to check which products can be sold in the UK.

The lists include all natural mineral waters:

  • extracted in, and recognised in the UK
  • extracted in Great Britain (England, Scotland or Wales) and recognised in the EU and Northern Ireland
  • extracted outside the UK and recognised by Great Britain

To get a natural mineral water recognised to produce and sell in the UK, read the guidance:

Who to notify about a new natural mineral water or to update details

Local authorities need to inform the organisation responsible for mineral water policy in their country about:

  • newly recognised natural mineral waters
  • withdrawal of recognition of a natural mineral water
  • changes to the trade description or the name of the spring

To update the natural mineral waters list, local authorities in:

Published 19 August 2021
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  1. Updated the entry for 'Prince's Gate' on the list 'UK natural mineral waters recognised in the UK: list of products'.

  2. Added Wenlock Spring to the list of English natural mineral waters recognised in Great Britain.

  3. Updated the list of non-UK natural mineral waters recognised by Great Britain.

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