MyHMCTS: How to use online financial remedy services

Guides for applicant solicitors using financial remedy services with MyHMCTS.



Step-by-step guides for applicant solicitors using MyHMCTS financial remedy services:

  • consent – lodging and sharing an application
  • consent – managing a case
  • contested – lodging and sharing an application
  • contested – managing a case
Published 19 October 2020
Last updated 1024 NovemberJanuary 20222023 + show all updates
  1. Adding guidance for a schedule 1 application

  2. Added information about variation orders

  3. Added new section about barrister access to the managing a contested case guide

  4. Added information about variation orders

  5. Added HTML version of contested manage a case guide

  6. HTML version of the contested lodging guide added.

  7. Updates to consent lodging guide to reflect changes in divorce law

  8. Replaced 2 inaccessible PDF documents with accessible HTML versions.

  9. New version of the 'Contested - Issuing and sharing an application' guide.

  10. Updated consent guidance

  11. Share a case information added including new screens and guidance.

  12. Updated versions of Onboarding guidance (consent and contested) published.

  13. Replaced the "Onboarding pack - contested" with an updated version.

  14. First published.