Cyber Primer

This publication explores the fundamentals, threats, operations and functions of cyber.


Cyber Primer (Third Edition)


The Cyber Primer (Third Edition) aims to provide a more comprehensive awareness of how UK Defence interacts with cyberspace, and the importance of cybersecurity to Defence personnel.

It introduces the subject of ‘cyber’, primarily within the Defence context, but also within aspects of everyday life both at work and home.

A circle with text detailing ten top tips for staying secure online.

Who should read this publication

The Cyber Primer seeks to inform a wide audience. As an introduction to cyber it will be of use to all Defence personnel, but especially to those working in cyber specialist roles.

Remember: Everyone in Defence has a role to play in cyber and security. The Cyber Primer is therefore recommended reading for all ranks and grades across Defence, from joint and single Services to civil servants.

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Published 4 October 2022
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