Higher education short coursescourses: information for learners

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Applies to England



TheseHigher education short courses,courses startingoffer instudents Septembershorter, 2022,more willflexible belearning. They are:

  • funded learners are eligible for a tuition fee loansloan
  • between in8 ato 3-year12 trialweeks aslong
  • offered partin ofsubjects theat pathwaylevels towards4 theto Lifelong6
  • available Loanat Entitlement22 (LLE),universities toand becolleges introducedacross fromEngland

How Theapply

  1. Choose 22your providerscourse offrom the‘Higher education short courses wereavailable’. successfulThen inapply andirectly Officethrough foryour Studentschosen (OfS)university’s Challengewebsite Competition.or email them.

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  3. Review willthe beeligibility availablecriteria laterand inloan 2022.information. YouApply canfor findstudent morefinance informationif aboutyou’re theeligible.

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Published 21 March 2022
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