Rabies quarantine: authorised premises and carriers

List of rabies quarantine premises and transporters authorised by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.



If you need to put your cat or dog into quarantine when it enters England, Scotland or Wales, you must use an:

  • authorised quarantine premises
  • authorised quarantine transporter (known as a ‘carrier’) to transport it to the quarantine premises

Read our guidance on putting your pet in rabies quarantine.

Published 9 June 2016
Last updated 325 MarchMay 2023 + show all updates
  1. Removed the entry for 4Paws-UK. Amended Ventura Wildlife from 200g to 250g.

  2. Updated the address for Cornwall Council.

  3. Ventura Wildlife can carry cats, dogs and other mammals from 200g to 1,000kg.

  4. Removed St Helens Council from the list of authorised rabies quarantine premises and carriers.

  5. We have changed the weight limit that Crossborder Animal Services BV can carry to 1740 KG.

  6. We have removed Breeney Quarantine Kennel in Northern Ireland from the list.

  7. Update to list of premises.

  8. Removed UK-wide Dogs Trust details, and added details for the Dogs Trust Canterbury and Cardiff locations to the list of authorised premises and carriers. Updated details for Ventura Wildlife and Oxfordshire County Council.

  9. Updated the contact details for Oxfordshire County Council.

  10. Updated contact information for Dogs Trust.

  11. Added Dogs Trust - Canterbury and Dogs Trust - Cardiff to the list of authorised premises and carriers.

  12. Updated the entry for Calagran Four Paws Hotel which accommodates dogs only. They carry both cats and dogs.

  13. Updated the email address for Ventura Wildlife.

  14. Updated the contact details for Ventura Wildlife Services.

  15. Updated the animals accepted and authorised to carry entry for Calagran Four Paws Hotel Ltd.

  16. Added an entry for Overhill Quarantine Kennels as a carrying agent.

  17. Removed Overhill Quarantine Kennels as they have now closed.

  18. Updated the entry for Overhill Quarantine Kennels to explain it will close on 1 April 2018.

  19. Updated the entries for Calagran, Airpets, Oxfordshire C.C and Wales Ape and Monkey sanctuary. Removing Knights Kennels, Paradise Wildlife Park, Animal Aircare from the list.

  20. Removed Bayton Lodge from the list.

  21. Added the authorised premises for the Netherlands and removed Woofers Pet Transportation (in Gloucestershire).

  22. Updated the entry for The Animal Inn, Kent.

  23. Added carrying agent Woofers Pet Transportation.

  24. Updated the details for Calagran Four Paws Hotel Ltd.

  25. Added Cornwall Council to the list.

  26. Updated list to remove Middlesbrough borough council.

  27. Updated the details for Knights Kennels Ltd.

  28. Amended species list for several companies, removed Animal Couriers, PETS2GO2.CO.UK, added Pet Couriers, updated contact details for Middlesbrough Borough Council.

  29. First published.