Search the biodiversity gain sites register

Get information about biodiversity gain sites and any off-site gains allocated to developments.

Applies to England

There are currently no registered gain sites. There is no information to display at present.

You will be able to search the register to check details about registered biodiversity gain sites, including the:

  • location
  • map or plan showing the boundary of the gain site
  • types of habitats to be enhanced or created
  • habitats on a site that are allocated to a development
  • relevant local planning authority or responsible body

The register will be populated with data supplied by applicants with their application. Once applications have been accepted, the relevant information will appear on the biodiversity gain sites register.

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Published 12 February 2024
Last updated 1218 FebruaryMarch 2024 + show all updates
  1. Removed the call to action panel following the addition of the first gain site to the biodiversity gain sites register.

  2. Updated with a link to the biodiversity gain sites register.

  3. First published.