Competition: Defence Innovation Loans

Loans of up to £2 million with a below market interest rate of 7.4% per annum to help convert your mature defence innovation into a strong business proposition for defence procurement.


Innovation Loan FAQs


On 13 December 2022, DASA and Innovate UK hosted a live webinar to answer all of your questions about Defence Innovation Loans, where viewers spoke to our panel of experts about how to submit a successful application.

Proposals must be submitted via the DASA submission service. If you are not already registered to use this portal, you can register here. We recommend you use a Google Chrome browser when accessing the Enterprise Collaboration Service.

For more information on the Defence Innovation Loan Competition and how to apply for funding, please read the Competition Document: Defence Innovation Loans above.

Published 24 June 2021
Last updated 7 MayJune 2024 + show all updates
  1. Updated the 'Q: How confidential is the applicant’s information in for the loan application, e.g. their Intellectual Property?' FAQ in the competition document

  2. Removed a sentence about DASA transparency data

  3. Editing to reflect the fact that the next cycle to open will be in FY24/25 (not FY23/24 cycle 8).

  4. Cycle 8 is under review; Cycle 7 has been extended - Dates section and table edited to reflect this.

  5. Applicants no longer need to add the IUK submission number to the DASA application; competition document and Top Tips edited accordingly. Contact details for DASA Help Centre added to Top Tips.

  6. Cycle 6-8 dates added.

  7. Webinar questions from 13th June 2023 added.

  8. Added 13 June 2023 Defence Innovation Loans Webinar.

  9. Dates for FY 23/24 cycle 3 were added to the competition document attachment

  10. Competition document timeline and minor associate wording have been adjusted :FY22/23 Cycle 1 removed as this competition expired :FY23/24 Cycle 2 Added

  11. In the competition document, the section on European Commission State Aid (in Subsidy Control and State aid section) has been updated to refer to Innovate UK’s general guidance.’ In the competition document, the Q&A from the webinar have been added.

  12. Added 13 December 2022 Defence Innovation Loans Webinar

  13. -Competition Document updated -Checklist for Applicants added -Top Tips updated -Terms and Conditions updated -Frequently Asked Questions updated -Landing page updated -Webinar page removed -New Webinar holding page added with webinar details to be added in due course

  14. Information in the Dates section edited to reflect the change to cycles in December 2022.

  15. The Defence Innovation Loans are continuously open, until further notice.

  16. Change in the rules for multiple submission, section 2.2 - only one Defence Innovation Loan application at a time can be accepted.

  17. Edited Section 2.2 - Multiple applications, to reflect that a business can only submit one Defence Innovation Loan proposal per quarter, rather than one per cycle.

  18. Updated Webinar FAQs with questions asked during the 24 January 2022 Webinar

  19. Added new Defence Innovation Loans webinar to the Competition Document

  20. The Dates section has been altered to reflect the new 'continuous cycle' pilot that will run from 05/01/2022 to 16/03/2022.

  21. Added Defence Innovation Loans Webinar to the Competition Document and Video playlist.

  22. Additional questions added to the Defence Innovation Loans Webinar- FAQs document

  23. A new document has been added - 'Top Tips for Applicants' Edit to Competition Document to show details of the two funding tracks and supporting event information.

  24. Added FAQ document from webinar: Defence Innovation Loans - your questions answered on Tuesday, 2 August, 2021

  25. Added new document with video: "Defence Innovation Loans: Everything you need to know"

  26. First published.