India: tuberculosis test clinics for a UK visa

Where to get tested for tuberculosis (TB) in India for your UK visa application.



You’ll need to have a tuberculosis (TB) test if you’re coming to the UK for 6 months or more and both of the following apply:

  • you’ve lived in India for 6 months or more
  • you were living there (or another listed country) within the last 6 months

You’ll need a TB test if you’re coming to the UK as:

Published 16 January 2014
Last updated 167 MayJune 2024 + show all updates
  1. Updated details for National Medical and Dialysis Centre, Chandigarh.

  2. Added additional contact details for clinics.

  3. Updated clinic information.

  4. Updated Elim Visa Medical Centre address.

  5. The Elbit Medical Diagnostic Ltd, Bangalore has changed to Elim Visa Medical Centre. Telephone and email details have been updated.

  6. Updated test fees for the Apollo Clinic in Gujarat.

  7. Added details for Max Super Speciality Hospital in Bathinda.

  8. Added details for Sanjiwani Chikitsa Kendra clinics in Bangalore and Pune and updated test fees for Max Med Centres.

  9. Updated eligibility details on who needs a TB certificate.

  10. Additional clinic added for Coimbatore.

  11. Updated contact numbers and email address for Apollo Hospital in Chennai.

  12. The details for Max Med Centre in Chandigarh has been updated.

  13. Added KG Specialty Centre (KGSC) clinic in Coimbatore, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi and Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Noida and updated details for Apollo Hospital in Chennai.

  14. Updated clinic details for Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune.

  15. Added in Ruby Hall clinic in Pune.

  16. Updated Pune clinic details.

  17. Added Sanjiwani Chikitsa Kendra clinic in Hyderabad.

  18. Update Coimbatore's clinic opening times.

  19. Added KG Hospital in Coimbatore.

  20. The fee for TB screening in Mumbai has increased to Indian Rupee 2500 for each person.

  21. Added details for V M Medical Centre in Mumbai.

  22. Updated the screening test fee at the Amrita Institute in Kerala.

  23. Added details for Sanjiwani Chikitsa Kendra clinic in Nagpur.

  24. Updated TB screening fee for Max Super Speciality Hospital (Chandigarh) and Max Medcentre (New Delhi).

  25. Edited list of test centres - Dr. Kamal Poogalia's clinic in Nagpur has closed.

  26. Addition of telephone numbers for Elbit Medical Diagnostic Ltd.

  27. Updated phone number for National X-ray clinic in Lucknow.

  28. Updated Apollo Clinic Gujarat to add fee and improved formatting

  29. Updated "Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS)" to "KIMS Health" to reflect name change.

  30. Updated test fees for Max Super Speciality Hospital in Chandigarh and Max Medcentre in New Delhi.

  31. Updated to add fee for TB testing to Centre for Migration Medicine, Telangana

  32. Added phone numbers for Telangana Centre for Migration Medicine (CMM).

  33. Changed Andhra Pradesh to Telangana and changed address. Added screening fees for GYD Diagnostics & Reference Laboratories Pvt Ltd and KD Hospital.

  34. Added fee information for Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre

  35. Fee instructions for Chennai added.

  36. New fee for customers applying for TB in Kerala.

  37. Updated telephone number for Apollo Hospitals International Ltd, Gujarat.

  38. Updated contact details for Kolkata.

  39. Updated phone numbers for Clinical Diagnostic Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai and Max Super Speciality Hospital, Chandigarh.

  40. Change of address for Saviour Hospital, Gujarat.

  41. Clinical Diagnostic Centre, South Mumbai removed as the clinic has closed. New clinic added under Mumbai: Clinical Diagnostic Centre, Nariman Point.

  42. Telephone number for Chennai updated.

  43. Updated contact details for New Delhi Max Med Centre.

  44. Updated contact information for Chennai.

  45. Updated approved tuberculosis testing clinics in India.

  46. Updated clinic list.

  47. First published.