Section 62A Planning Application: S62A/2024/0043 85 Ruby Street, Bristol, BS3 3DW

Overview of case details, documents, key dates and how to make a representation.

Applies to England

Type of application:

Full Planning Application

Applicant name:

James Bessell

Site address:

85 Ruby Street, Bristol, BS3 3DW

Description of proposed development:

Description of proposed development: Change of use from a residential dwelling (C3a) to a small house in multiple occupation (C4) for 3-6 people, including the erection of a rear roof extension and single storey rear extension.

Case Officer:

Section 62A Applications Team



Key dates:

Date application valid 15 May 2024
Date by when representations must be made 14 June 2024
Hearing date and venue TBC
Target Decision 10 July 2024
Decision date TBC

Hearing Documents


Make a representation

The application can be inspected under the application plans and documents heading below.

You will be able to comment on this application until 14 June 2024

Please base your comments on planning matters.

Please avoid the use of inflammatory, discriminatory or abusive comments.

All representations made in connection with the development proposal will be made publicly available on the website shortly after the end of the representation period.  The name of the individual author or organisation will be published however addresses, signatures and contact details will not be published.  We advise you not to include any other personal information about yourself or others. 
Our Customer Privacy Notice sets out how we handle personal data in accordance with the law.

Send your comments via email to

or write to

Section 62A Applications Team
The Planning Inspectorate
3rd Floor
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay

Sending comments by email will enable us to deal with them more quickly and is preferred.

Please include the application reference number S62A/2024/0043 and site address.

This application will be determined by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.  Shortly after the close of the representation period the Planning Inspectorate will consider whether a hearing is necessary.   In the event that a hearing is scheduled, and you would wish to speak at the hearing, you must make this request at the time you submit your written representations.

Where the application is to be considered at a hearing, notice of the date, time and venue for the hearing along with the name of the person holding the hearing, will be published on this website at least two weeks before the date of the hearing.

Application Plans and Documents

Questionnaire and supporting documents



Interested Parties

Planning Inspectorate Correspondence

Applicant Correspondence

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