65th WIPO General Assemblies, July 2024: UK Statement

UK Statement for the World Intellectual Property Organization General Assemblies. Delivered by the UK's Permanent Representative to the WTO and UN, Simon Manley.

Simon Manley CMG

Thank you, Chair.

The UK delegation is delighted to return to Geneva for this 65th session of the Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO. We thank you [the Chair], DG Tang, and WIPO colleagues for their hard work in organising this.

It is a historical year for WIPO.  These General Assemblies come after the successful completion of the first Diplomatic Conference earlier this year. We extend our congratulations to you, DG, the Diplomatic Conference President, the whole WIPO team and all WIPO members for the historic conclusion of a treaty on IP, genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge. We were pleased that we arrived at a consensual outcome on a complex and long-standing issue. We hope that the same constructive spirit will guide the second Diplomatic Conference for a Design Law Treaty later this year. Its success is important to ensure that design law and practice are streamlined and benefit designers and IP stakeholders. The UK remains committed to engaging constructively.

We reiterate our support to WIPO in its mission of developing a balanced and effective IP system that enables innovation and creativity for the benefit of all. We will continue our efforts to contribute to the modernisation of the global IP system.  Our new government has already committed to accelerate innovation, investment and productivity through world-class science and research across the UK economy, as well as ensure technologies are safely developed with the benefits widely shared.  The UK IPO will continue to strive for IP excellence at home and abroad.

Following conclusion of the last session of the Program and Budget Committee, we express our appreciation to WIPO for its continued solid financial performance and the progress made in improving organisational culture, accountability, and responsibility. We are convinced that a healthy and inclusive environment for all WIPO staff will ensure the better functioning of the Organisation.

Finally, let me thank the Secretariat for its report on WIPO’s assistance and support for Ukraine’s innovation and creativity sector and intellectual property system. In the third year of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, the commitment of our new government is clear and absolute - we stand with the people of Ukraine in the face of Russia’s law-busting aggression.

Thank you.

Published 9 July 2024