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Our first steps for change

We’ll make an immediate impact on people’s lives with our six first steps for change.

This Government will deliver fundamental change.    

Alongside our five national missions, which are long-term objectives providing a driving sense of purpose for the country, we’ll make an immediate impact on people’s lives with our six first steps for change.    

Our first steps will:    

1. Deliver economic stability    

One of our Government’s central missions is to restore economic stability, to make every part of our country better off.   

We’ll grow our economy, improving the prosperity of the UK, and the living standards of working people.   

And we’ll stick to tough spending rules, to keep taxes, inflation, and mortgages as low as possible.   

2. Cut NHS waiting times   

We’ll cut NHS waiting times by delivering 40,000 more appointments each week, during evenings and weekends.    

We’ll pay for these appointments by cracking down on tax avoidance and loopholes in our tax system.    

Using this money, we’ll also double the number of NHS CT and MRI scanners and deliver a dentistry package which includes 700,000 urgent appointments every year.    

3. Launch a new Border Security Command  

Our approach to securing our borders will include launching a new Border Security Command, deploying more police and investigators to smash the criminal smuggling and trafficking gangs, tackling the problem at source.   

It will involve counter-terror style tactics, using the full force of Britain’s intelligence and policing to destroy the evil business model of human trafficking.   

4. Set up Great British Energy    

We’ll set up Great British Energy, a company owned by the British people, to deliver power back to the British people.   

This publicly owned clean-power company will help cut bills for good and boost energy security, paid for by a windfall tax on oil and gas giants.    

Headquartered in Scotland, Great British Energy will drive forward investment in clean, home-grown energy production, create jobs and build supply chains in every corner of the UK.    

5. Crack down on antisocial behaviour   

Antisocial behaviour hits the poorest communities hardest, and if ignored could lead to more serious offending.    

That’s why we’re putting 13,000 extra neighbourhood police and PCSOs back on the beat, and will make sure every community has a named officer they can get in touch with if they need them.    

We’ll implement tough new penalties for offenders, and a new network of youth hubs that gives young people at risk of being drawn into crime the support they need.    

And we’ll introduce new regulations which will make it easier to clamp down on escalations in drug dealing or drinking, and those repeatedly wreaking havoc in town centres and problem areas.   

6. Recruit 6,500 new teachers    

We’ll recruit 6,500 new teachers in key subjects where there are shortages, helping to break down the barriers to opportunity and set children up for life.   

Paid for by ending tax breaks for private schools, this change will boost standards and make sure every child has access to high-quality education provision.   

We’ll also review the curriculum so it’s richer and broader to develop creativity, digital and communication skills to make sure young people have all the tools they need for life and work.

Published 10 July 2024