Companies House independent adjudicators

AboutInformation on the independent adjudicators who can investigate complaints and howreview appeals havefor been handled at Companies House.



FurtherInformation informationabout and profiles of the independent adjudicators in ourthe Companies House complaints process.process, and profiles of the adjudicators.

Published 1 June 2017
Last updated 3010 JanuaryJuly 2024 + show all updates
  1. Lee John-Charles added to list of Companies House independent adjudicators.

  2. Translation added - Kieran Seale and Tom Ketteley have been added to the list of independent adjudicators.

  3. Tom Ketteley added to list of independent adjudicators.

  4. Kieran Seale added to the list of independent adjudicators.

  5. Removed Jessica Pacey from the list of Independent Adjudicators.

  6. Brian Stanton and Deirdre Domingo have been appointed as independent adjudicators at Companies House.

  7. Removed the details of an independent adjudicator who’s no longer acting as adjudicator.

  8. Welsh version added

  9. First published.