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A calendar of online and face-to-face events, and details of shows and exhibitions we will be attending.

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We attend a range of events to meet customers and give advice and guidance on planting woodland. We also hold face-to-face and online training events and webinars on specific grant schemes and areas of forestry, that we encourage people to sign up to in advance.

We’ll update this page regularly with new events.

Upcoming events

Event Date, time and location Details Recording available after
RiggLow HouseCarbon FarmAgriculture Walk with Edwin ThompsonShow 177-8 NovemberFebruary 2022,2023, CumbriaWarwickshire JoinThe the Forestry Commission will be exhibiting at Low Carbon Agriculture, the new event showcasing opportunities in low carbon energy, technological advances and EdwinEnvironmental ThompsonLand Management (ELM), for a farmprofitable walkand atsustainable Riggfuture Housein Farm,farming. followedLaunching byat presentationsthe fromNational ourAgriculture advisorsand atExhibition theCentre Ennerdale(NAEC), Brewery.Stoneleigh. ToFor bookmore yourinformation placego emailto orCarbon callAgriculture 01228548385Show 2023 No
EastLincolnshire of England Farming Conference 179 NovemberFebruary 2022,2023, Peterborough9:00-15:30, Lincolnshire ThereThe areLincolnshire ongoingFarming changesConference inis set to make its return on Thursday 9 February 2023 at the agriculturalLincolnshire andShowground. politicalA landscapekey sincedate lastin yearthe andannual thisfarming eventcalendar, comesthe atLincolnshire aFarming goodConference timefeatures wheretalks youfrom cana listennumber andof debatecaptivating amongstspeakers, likecase mindedstudies, influentialand Jointo usone insessions Novemberwith forindustry #EoEFC22experts, to furtherdiscuss explorethe andtheme: helpHealthy resolvesoil, theseHealthy issuesminds. forVisit yourthe businessForestry itCommission willstand beto all things woodland creation. Visit website for more information. No
BakewellWoods Market:Mean LivestockBusiness: andWoodland Dairycreation in the North Pennines AONB seminar 219 NovemberFebruary, 2022,17:45-19:45, 10:30-12:30, StaffordshireNorthumberland TheDiscover Forestrythe Commissionbenefits willthat betree atplanting Bakewellcan Agriculturalbring Marketto betweenyour 10:30land and 12:30business. onHosted by the CatchmentForestry SensitiveCommission, Farmingthis stand.event Comewill andfeature chatpresentations toby treethe plantingNorth specialistsPennines fromAONB, theWoodland ForestryTrust Commissionand whereGreat weNorthumberland canForest answeron yourtree questionsplanting and helpwoodland withcreation. everythingThe youevent wantedwill toprovide knowinformation abouton woodland creation and the fundingtypes available.of Weassistance canavailable alsoto adviselandowners onand woodlandhow managementto andaccess the various grantsfunding available.opportunities Visitthat websitesupport forwoodland morecreation. informationBook via Eventbrite. No
FarmWoodland Benefitscreation and Incentivesmanagement: the wider benefits of trees for Woodlandyour Creationland 2215 NovemberFebruary 2022,2023, 10:00-11:30,10:00-14:00, onlineLeicestershire Join the Allerton Project, Forestry CommissionCommission, Woodland Trust and NaturalAgricaptureC02 Englandto aretalk runningtrees! aThis webinarevent aboutwill thehighlight environmental,to sociallandowners and economicland benefitsmanagers ofthe woodlandfinancial creationand forother farmersbenefits that trees and landowners.woodlands We’llcan beprovide; discussingdemonstrate availablesome grantsof the key considerations around creating, protecting and supportmanaging aswoodlands welland ashighlight anthe FAQrange withof oursupport experts.and funding available. Book via Eventbrite YesNo
CroptecWoodland creation workshop for farmers and landowners 2322 NovemberFebruary 2022,2023, Peterborough8:00-13:00, Lincolnshire NowInterested in its 10th year, the eventbenefits willof delivertrees thefor well-lovedyour CropTecfarm formulabusiness combining industry-leading exhibitors, the latest machinery and technology,not networkingsure andon discussionnext opportunitiessteps as? wellJoin asthe valuableForestry updatesCommission onand developmentslocal acrossnursery theman arableHugh sector.Dorrington Visitat theAveland ForestryTrees, Commission stand to talkfind throughout allhow thingstrees treecan plantinghelp andyour woodlandfarm Visitgrow. websiteBook forvia more informationEventbrite. No
NorfolkCLA FarmingEast ConferenceAgricultural Transition Roadshow Nottinghamshire 307 NovemberMarch 2022,2023, NorfolkNottinghamshire AIn keythis eventsecond inseries theof farmingCLA calendarEast theAgricultural NorfolkTransition farmingRoadshows, Conferencethe willForestry takeCommission placewill onbe Wednesdayavailable 30to Novemberdiscuss 2022Woodland atCreation Norfolk Showground. Over 300 farmers, producers and supporting industry professionals are expected to attend the event.benefits Joinof thetrees. ForestryCome Commissionand standjoin andus getat yourNewark woodlandShowground, creationNottinghamshire questionson answered.7th March. Visit website for more information. No
ForestryCLA CommissionEast andAgricultural FWAGTransition webinarRoadshow Northamptonshire 58 DecemberMarch 2022,2023, 16:30-18:00, onlineNorthamptonshire ForestryIn Commissionthis andsecond Farmingseries andof WildlifeCLA AdvisoryEast GroupAgricultural willTransition beRoadshows, holdingthe aForestry webinarCommission towill discussbe theavailable benefitsto ofdiscuss treeWoodland plantingCreation and woodland creation on farms. We’ll discuss the variousbenefits financialof opportunitiestrees. thatCome woodlandand creationjoin presentsus asat wellMoulton asCollege, howNorthampton treeson can8th beMarch. incorporatedVisit intowebsite variousfor farmingmore systems to benefit the environment, productivity and yield. Book via Eventbriteinformation. YesNo
BakewellCLA Market:East LivestockAgricultural andTransition DairyRoadshow Essex 58 DecemberMarch 2022,2023, 10:30-12:30, StaffordshireEssex TheIn Forestrythis Commissionsecond willseries beof atCLA BakewellEast Agricultural MarketTransition betweenRoadshows, 10:30 and 12:30 on the Catchment Sensitive Farming stand. Come and chat to tree planting specialists from the Forestry Commission wherewill webe canavailable answer your questions and help with everything you wanted to knowdiscuss aboutWoodland woodlandCreation creation and the fundingbenefits available.of Wetrees. canCome alsoand advisejoin onus woodlandat managementWrittle andCollege, theChelmsford variouson grants8th available.March Visit website for more information. No
LincolnshireCLA FarmingEast ConferenceAgricultural Transition Roadshow Norfolk 9 FebruaryMarch 2023, 9:00-15:30, LincolnshireNorfolk TheIn Lincolnshirethis Farmingsecond Conferenceseries isof setCLA toEast makeAgricultural itsTransition returnRoadshows, on Thursday 9 February 2023 at the LincolnshireForestry Showground.Commission Awill keybe dateavailable into thediscuss annualWoodland farmingCreation calendar,and the Lincolnshirebenefits Farming Conference features talks from a number of captivatingtrees. speakers,Come case studies, and onejoin tous oneat sessionsGarboldisham withVillage industryHall, experts,Diss toon discuss9th theMarch theme: Healthy soil, Healthy minds. Visit the Forestry Commission stand to talk all things woodland creation. Visit website for more information. No

Previous events

Event Date and time Details Recording
Incentives and Benefits of Woodland Creation – hosted by the Forestry Commission and Natural England 2 August 2022 The webinar is highlighting the incentives and benefits of woodland creation Watch the recording
Introduction to the Woodland Carbon Code and Woodland Carbon Guarantee 28 September 2022 This webinar explains more about the Woodland Carbon Code and Woodland Carbon Guarantee, and how they can enable forestry projects to secure extra income from the carbon they sequester Watch the recording
Seed Sourcing Grant webinar 11 October 2022 Megan Shirley, Forestry Commission Incentives Manager, and Clare Trivedi, Defra Plant Health Research & Development Manager, explain more about the Seed Sourcing Grant and the application process Watch the recording
Woodland Creation Incentives webinar 31 October 2022 The benefits of woodland creation and the financial incentives available, including the Woodland Creation Planning Grant, England Woodland Creation Offer and others Watch the recording

You can search our YouTube channel for previous recorded events.

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