Appendix 2 C21i: DE 1/11: Additional Procedure Codes

This Appendix contains the specific completion rules instructions for each 3-digit Import Additional Procedure Code that can be used in Data Element (DE) 1/11 for Customs Clearance Requests (CCR) C21i.

Published 11 October 2019
Last updated 1224 January 2023 + show all updates
  1. Completion instructions for Additional Procedure Code 50T have been amended to show the requirement for document code 110C rather than C110. Note C110 is not a valid document code.

  2. Additional clarification on types of goods covered on a BIRD declaration.

  3. There has been an amendment to the CDS Inventory Imports – Customs Clearance Request completion guidance with respect to Additional Procedure Code 31D: Diplomatic Privilege (Official Use). This amendment has widened the definition of the organisations that are eligible to use this Additional Procedure Code to now include NATO Visiting Forces and Other Government Departments in addition to Diplomatic Privilege. The amended Additional Procedure Code is now 31D Official Use goods: Diplomatic Privilege, Visiting Forces, and Government Departments.

  4. The goods covered by Additional Procedure Code 63T have been extended to include Postal Transit — under UPU (Universal Postal Union) convention.

  5. A reference in the notes for Additional Procedure Code 13C has been corrected from ATA to CPD carnet in the 'Additional Procedure Code 1-Series: Other Codes: Applicable to more than one Procedure Code' guidance.

  6. The introductory notes have been refreshed. Completion Notes for Additional Procedure Code 21V (BIRDS) have been included in 'Additional Procedure Code 2-Series: Free Circulation and Home Use'. The 'Conditions for Use' of 73N have been corrected in the 'Additional Procedure Code 7-Series: Movements and Transfers' guidance.

  7. Additional Procedure Code 19Z is no longer available and has been removed from 'Code 1-Series Other Codes: Applicable to more than one Procedure Code', 'Landing Page and Index List' documents.

  8. This page has been updated to correct the section for Additional Procedure Code 19Z.

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