Get funding to develop and exploit knowledge assets

Find funding to develop early stage knowledge assets towards adoption or commercialisation.

Knowledge Assets Grant Fund

Funding type: grant

Who can apply: UK public sector organisations with an Accounting Officer

Total funding: £5 million this financial year

Maximum award: up to £250,000 (3 different grant values available)

Competition opens Application deadline
2017 FebruaryMarch 2023 11:00am11am on 168 MarchJune 2023
179 MarchJune 2023 11:00am11am on 87 JuneSeptember 2023
98 JuneSeptember 2023 11:00am11am on 714 SeptemberDecember 2023
1115 SeptemberDecember 2023 11:00am11am on 14 DecemberMarch 20232024
15 March 202411am on 6 June 2024

The Knowledge Assets Grant Fund supports organisations across the public sector in the UK to explore exciting new uses of datasets, technology, intellectual property, ideas and expertise.

Funding is available for use in supporting the development, repurposing, commercialisation or expanded use of public sector knowledge assets.

Types of funding you can apply for

There are 3 bands of funding you can apply for:

  • Explore Grant (up to and including £25,000)
  • Expand Grant (£25,001 to £100,000)
  • Extend Grant (£100,001 to £250,000)

The size of the grant for each band is determined by the amount of information requested to meet the criteria for that band.

The bandings do not reflect the stage of development of your project. For example, you can apply for an Explore Grant to help you take an already well-developed project in a new direction.

Who can apply

Central government department’s, Arm’s Length Bodies and Public Sector Research Establishments. Please note that from 8 June 2023 NHS Trusts will no longer be in scope due to our limited resources. We would encourage NHS Trusts to look at alternative funding schemes available to the NHS secondary and tertiary care sector by viewing Health Technology Pathway: Navigation Tool for Innovators in England document.

How to apply

Find out about each band and if your organisation or project is eligible for funding:

Applications for funding are administered by our partners at Innovate UK.

UK Innovation and Science Seed Fund (UKI2S)

Funding type: early stage venture capital funding

Who can apply: emerging spin-out companies based on knowledge assets from UK public sector organisations. Read more about the UKI2S investment criteria.

Total funding: £13.9 million investment for public sector knowledge assets

Maximum investment: no limit (pre-seed to series A funding and beyond)

Deadline: N/A

UKI2S is an early-stage investment fund backed by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) and other public bodies. Together, they are supporting the most ambitious UK innovators at seed and beyond to:

  • create new companies and facilitate sustainable growth
  • enhance the health and security of society
  • deliver economic gains from the UK public funding

UKI2S works closely with GOTT to provide investment capital to exploit the UK’s public knowledge assets.

How to apply

Pitch for UKI2S investment.

Published 4 October 2022
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  1. Future application deadlines have been added for the Knowledge Asset Grant Fund. Eligibility information has been added to the Knowledge Asset Grant Fund as from the 8 June 2023 NHS Trusts will no longer be in scope.

  2. The next phase of the Knowledge Assets Grant Fund competition is now open.

  3. Added competition opening dates for 2023.

  4. Added new deadlines for Knowledge Assets Grant Fund

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